Camping by the Loire River in Gennes Val de Loire

Camping by the Loire River in Gennes Val de Loire

The Loire Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is renowned for its stunning landscapes, vineyards, and historic chateaux. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing escape or an adventurous exploration, camping by the Loire River in the Gennes Val de Loire region offers an unforgettable experience.

Just a short drive from the city of Angers, the Gennes Val de Loire area provides a picturesque setting for a camping getaway. With numerous campsites located along the riverbanks, you can immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance and enjoy the region’s natural beauty.

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From riverside campsites with direct access to the water to those nestled amidst lush forests, there’s a campsite to suit every preference and budget. This article will explore the best camping options available in the Gennes Val de Loire region, providing you with the information you need to plan your perfect camping adventure.

Camping by the Loire River in Gennes Val de Loire

When planning your camping trip in Gennes Val de Loire, here are 9 important points to consider:

  • Variety of campsites: Choose from riverside, forest, and farm campsites.
  • Stunning scenery: Enjoy panoramic views of the Loire River and surrounding landscapes.
  • Water activities: Go swimming, kayaking, or fishing in the river.
  • Historic sites: Explore nearby chateaux and villages steeped in history.
  • Wine tasting: Sample the region’s renowned wines at local vineyards.
  • Gastronomic delights: Savor the local cuisine, including fresh produce and traditional dishes.
  • Cycling trails: Discover the region’s scenic bike paths along the riverbanks.
  • Family-friendly: Many campsites offer amenities and activities for children.
  • Year-round camping: Some campsites are open throughout the year, offering different experiences in each season.

By keeping these points in mind, you can plan a camping trip tailored to your interests and preferences, ensuring an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the Loire Valley.

Variety of campsites

Variety Of Campsites, Camping

One of the highlights of camping in Gennes Val de Loire is the wide range of campsites available, catering to diverse preferences and needs. Here’s a detailed explanation of each type:

Riverside campsites: As the name suggests, these campsites are located directly on the banks of the Loire River. They offer the ultimate riverside experience, with stunning views, easy access to the water for swimming, kayaking, or fishing, and a serene ambiance that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Forest campsites: Nestled amidst lush forests, these campsites provide a tranquil escape surrounded by nature. They offer a sense of privacy and seclusion, with the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, listen to the birds sing, and perhaps even spot some wildlife. Forest campsites are ideal for those seeking a peaceful and rejuvenating camping experience.

Farm campsites: For a unique and immersive experience, consider staying at a farm campsite. These campsites are located on working farms, offering a glimpse into rural life and the opportunity to interact with animals. Some farm campsites even allow guests to participate in farm activities, such as feeding the animals or helping with the harvest. This type of camping is particularly suitable for families with children, providing an educational and memorable experience.

With such a diverse range of campsites to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to pitch your tent and enjoy an unforgettable camping adventure in the heart of the Loire Valley.

Stunning scenery

Stunning Scenery, Camping

The Loire Valley is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, and camping by the Loire River in Gennes Val de Loire offers the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in this stunning scenery. Here are some of the highlights you can expect:

  • Panoramic river views: Many campsites along the Loire River offer panoramic views of the water, allowing you to wake up to the serene sight of the river flowing past. Enjoy your meals on a riverside terrace, soak up the sun on a sandy beach, or simply relax and admire the ever-changing colors of the sky and water.
  • Vineyard landscapes: The Loire Valley is famous for its vineyards, and many campsites are surrounded by rolling hills covered in vines. The picturesque landscapes offer endless opportunities for walks, bike rides, and wine tasting. You can visit local vineyards, learn about the winemaking process, and sample some of the region’s renowned vintages.
  • Historic villages and towns: The Gennes Val de Loire region is dotted with charming historic villages and towns. From the medieval town of Gennes to the Renaissance city of Saumur, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the region’s rich heritage. Visit ancient castles, wander through cobblestone streets, and discover the local culture.
  • Wildlife sightings: The Loire River and its surroundings are home to a diverse range of wildlife. You may spot herons, egrets, and other birds along the riverbanks. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of beavers or otters swimming in the water. The area’s forests are also home to various animals, including deer, wild boar, and foxes.

Whether you’re an avid nature lover, a history buff, or simply seeking a peaceful escape, the stunning scenery of Gennes Val de Loire will provide an unforgettable backdrop for your camping adventure.

Water activities

Water Activities, Camping

The Loire River is a haven for water sports enthusiasts, and camping by the river in Gennes Val de Loire provides easy access to a range of exciting activities. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Swimming: The Loire River offers safe and refreshing swimming spots, with designated swimming areas and beaches along its banks. Whether you prefer to splash around in the shallows or venture into deeper waters, you can enjoy a swim in the tranquil waters of the river.
  • Kayaking: Kayaking is a great way to explore the river at your own pace and discover hidden coves and inlets. You can rent kayaks from local providers and embark on a leisurely paddle, taking in the stunning scenery and observing the diverse wildlife along the riverbanks.
  • Fishing: The Loire River is home to a variety of fish species, making it a popular spot for anglers. You can cast your line from the riverbanks or rent a boat to venture further out. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting out, you’ll have the opportunity to catch a variety of fish, including carp, pike, and zander.
  • Other water activities: In addition to swimming, kayaking, and fishing, there are other water activities you can enjoy during your camping trip. You can go paddleboarding, canoeing, or simply relax on a boat and soak up the sun. Many campsites also offer amenities such as swimming pools and water parks, providing additional options for aquatic fun.

With its calm waters and stunning surroundings, the Loire River is the perfect place to enjoy a range of water activities during your camping adventure in Gennes Val de Loire.

Historic sites

Historic Sites, Camping

The Loire Valley is a treasure trove of historical and architectural wonders, and camping in Gennes Val de Loire provides convenient access to some of the region’s most captivating historic sites. Here are a few highlights:

Chateau de Gennes: Located in the heart of Gennes, this magnificent castle dominates the town’s skyline. Built in the 13th century, it has been extensively modified over the centuries, blending medieval and Renaissance architectural styles. Visitors can explore its grand halls, admire its intricate tapestries, and wander through its beautiful gardens.

Chateau de Saumur: Perched on a hilltop overlooking the town of Saumur, this imposing fortress is a testament to the region’s rich military history. Constructed in the 10th century, it has played a significant role in French history and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Visitors can explore its dungeons, ramparts, and museum, providing a glimpse into the castle’s fascinating past.

Village of Montsoreau: Nestled on the banks of the Loire River, Montsoreau is one of the most picturesque villages in the region. Its charming cobblestone streets, medieval houses, and 15th-century castle create a timeless ambiance. Visitors can wander through its narrow lanes, visit its art galleries, and enjoy the local cuisine in its traditional restaurants.

Abbey of Fontevraud: Just a short drive from Gennes Val de Loire, the Abbey of Fontevraud is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest monastic complexes in Europe. Founded in the 11th century, it was once home to a community of both monks and nuns. Visitors can admire its stunning architecture, including its Romanesque church and Gothic cloister, and learn about its fascinating history.

Wine tasting

Wine Tasting, Camping

The Loire Valley is one of the most renowned wine regions in France, producing a wide variety of exceptional wines. Camping in Gennes Val de Loire offers the perfect opportunity to sample these wines at local vineyards and learn about the region’s winemaking traditions.

  • Visit local vineyards: There are numerous vineyards located in and around Gennes Val de Loire, each with its own unique character and wines to offer. Visitors can take guided tours of the vineyards, learn about the different grape varieties grown in the region, and sample a variety of wines.
  • Attend wine tastings: Many vineyards offer wine tastings, allowing visitors to sample a range of their wines and learn about the winemaking process. These tastings are typically led by knowledgeable wine experts who can provide insights into the flavors, aromas, and characteristics of each wine.
  • Discover local wine varieties: The Loire Valley is known for producing a wide variety of wine styles, including white, red, rosé, and sparkling wines. Some of the most famous local grape varieties include Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Franc, and Gamay. Visitors can sample these wines and discover the unique flavors and characteristics that make Loire Valley wines so special.
  • Pair wines with local cuisine: The wines of the Loire Valley are perfectly paired with the region’s delicious cuisine. Visitors can enjoy wine tastings accompanied by local cheeses, charcuterie, and other regional specialties, creating a memorable and authentic culinary experience.

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or simply enjoy sampling local flavors, wine tasting is an essential part of any camping adventure in Gennes Val de Loire.

Gastronomic delights

Gastronomic Delights, Camping

The Loire Valley is renowned for its delectable cuisine, showcasing the region’s fresh produce and traditional dishes. Camping in Gennes Val de Loire provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local gastronomic culture and savor its culinary delights.

  • Fresh local produce: The Loire Valley’s temperate climate and fertile soils produce an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Visitors can enjoy seasonal flavors by sampling locally grown berries, apples, pears, and asparagus. Freshly harvested produce is often available at local markets and farm stands.
  • Traditional dishes: The region’s cuisine is influenced by centuries of culinary traditions. Visitors can indulge in hearty stews, savory crepes, and flavorful goat cheese. Local restaurants and inns serve authentic dishes, providing a taste of the Loire Valley’s rich gastronomic heritage.
  • World-renowned wines: As mentioned earlier, the Loire Valley is home to exceptional wines. These wines are not only enjoyed on their own but also used in cooking, adding depth and complexity to local dishes. Visitors can pair their meals with local wines, creating a harmonious culinary experience.
  • Fine dining experiences: While camping, visitors can venture out to nearby towns and cities to experience fine dining at Michelin-starred restaurants. These establishments showcase the culinary prowess of the region’s talented chefs, offering innovative and exquisite dishes that highlight the Loire Valley’s gastronomic excellence.

From fresh produce to traditional dishes and world-renowned wines, the Loire Valley’s cuisine is a feast for the senses. Camping in Gennes Val de Loire allows visitors to savor these gastronomic delights and create lasting memories.



Family-friendly, Camping

Camping in Gennes Val de Loire is an ideal choice for families with children. Many campsites cater specifically to families, providing a range of amenities and activities designed to keep kids entertained and engaged.

Some campsites offer playgrounds, swimming pools, and organized games, ensuring that children have plenty of opportunities for physical activity and social interaction. Other campsites have dedicated play areas with sandboxes, swings, and slides, providing a safe and stimulating environment for younger children.

In addition to these amenities, some campsites also offer supervised activities and entertainment programs for children of different ages. These programs may include arts and crafts workshops, scavenger hunts, nature walks, and even evening campfires with storytelling and songs. By participating in these activities, children can learn new skills, make new friends, and create lasting memories.

Camping in Gennes Val de Loire provides a wonderful opportunity for families to bond and create shared experiences. With its family-friendly atmosphere, abundance of activities, and stunning natural surroundings, it’s the perfect destination for a memorable camping adventure.

Year-round camping

Year-round Camping, Camping

Camping in Gennes Val de Loire is not limited to the summer months. Some campsites in the region are open throughout the year, offering unique and diverse experiences in each season.

Spring: As nature awakens from its winter slumber, spring is a delightful time to camp in Gennes Val de Loire. The weather is mild and pleasant, with wildflowers blooming and birds singing. This is a great time for hiking, biking, and exploring the region’s many chateaux and historical sites.

Summer: Summer is the peak camping season in Gennes Val de Loire, with warm and sunny weather. This is the perfect time to enjoy swimming, kayaking, and other water activities on the Loire River. Visitors can also take advantage of the many festivals and events that take place throughout the region during the summer months.

Autumn: As the days grow shorter and the leaves begin to turn golden, autumn offers a quieter and more reflective camping experience. This is a great time to enjoy the region’s vineyards and sample the local wines. Visitors can also go for walks in the forests and soak up the vibrant autumn colors.

Winter: Camping in winter in Gennes Val de Loire is a truly unique experience. The region transforms into a winter wonderland, with snow-covered landscapes and crisp, cold air. Some campsites offer winter camping facilities, allowing visitors to enjoy the magic of a winter campfire and the tranquility of the snow-covered surroundings.


FAQ, Camping

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about camping in Gennes Val de Loire:

Question 1: What are the best campsites in Gennes Val de Loire?
There are many great campsites in Gennes Val de Loire, each with its own unique character and amenities. Some of the most popular campsites include: – Camping de l’Ile Verte (riverside campsite with a swimming pool and playground) – Camping de la Plage (riverside campsite with a sandy beach and water sports facilities) – Camping de Port-Mahon (forest campsite with a heated swimming pool and a restaurant) – Camping de la Vallée (farm campsite with a petting zoo and a playground)

Question 2: What activities can I enjoy while camping in Gennes Val de Loire?
There is a wide range of activities to enjoy while camping in Gennes Val de Loire, including: – Swimming, kayaking, and fishing in the Loire River – Hiking and biking on the many trails in the region – Exploring the historical chateaux and villages – Visiting the local vineyards and sampling the wines – Enjoying the many festivals and events that take place throughout the year

Question 3: What amenities are available at the campsites?
The amenities available at campsites in Gennes Val de Loire vary depending on the campsite, but many campsites offer: – Electricity hookups – Water hookups – Showers and toilets – Laundry facilities – Wi-Fi – Playgrounds – Swimming pools – Restaurants

Question 4: Can I camp in Gennes Val de Loire year-round?
Yes, some campsites in Gennes Val de Loire are open year-round. These campsites typically offer winter camping facilities, such as heated cabins and RV hookups with antifreeze. Camping in winter is a unique and magical experience, allowing you to enjoy the region’s snow-covered landscapes and cozy up by a campfire.

Question 5: What should I pack for a camping trip to Gennes Val de Loire?
When packing for a camping trip to Gennes Val de Loire, be sure to bring: – A tent and sleeping bag – Clothing for all types of weather – Sunscreen and insect repellent – A flashlight or headlamp – A first-aid kit – Food and water – Cooking supplies – Toiletries

Question 6: How do I make a reservation for a campsite?
You can make a reservation for a campsite in Gennes Val de Loire online or by phone. It is recommended to make reservations in advance, especially if you are planning to camp during the peak season.

We hope this FAQ has been helpful. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In addition to the information provided in the FAQ, here are a few additional tips to make your camping trip to Gennes Val de Loire even more enjoyable:


Tips, Camping

Here are a few practical tips to make your camping trip to Gennes Val de Loire even more enjoyable:

1. Book your campsite in advance, especially if you’re traveling during the peak season. This will ensure that you have a spot to camp and avoid any disappointment.

2. Pack for all types of weather. The weather in Gennes Val de Loire can be unpredictable, so it’s important to be prepared for rain, sun, and everything in between.

3. Bring plenty of food and water. There are limited food options available at some campsites, so it’s best to be self-sufficient. Be sure to pack non-perishable foods and plenty of water to stay hydrated.

4. Be respectful of the environment. Gennes Val de Loire is a beautiful region, so it’s important to do your part to keep it clean. Dispose of your trash properly, and avoid disturbing the natural surroundings.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your camping trip to Gennes Val de Loire is a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience.

Camping in Gennes Val de Loire is a wonderful way to experience the beauty and tranquility of the Loire Valley. With its stunning scenery,丰富的历史, and abundance of activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your camping adventure today!


Conclusion, Camping

Camping in Gennes Val de Loire is a unique and rewarding experience that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway in nature, an active adventure, or a chance to explore the region’s rich history and culture, you’ll find it all here.

With its stunning scenery, diverse range of campsites, and abundance of activities, Gennes Val de Loire is the perfect destination for a memorable camping adventure. So pack your tent and get ready to create lasting memories in the heart of the Loire Valley.

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